Diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine



New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Approved and Accredited

PC2448 Diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Level: 7
Credits: 369
Duration: 3 years full-time study
Intake: February 2016
Location: Wellington and Auckland
Delivery: In-house and online supported study (blended learning

This three-year level 7 program of study comprises TCM medical science, Western biosciences and Chinese herbal medicine specific studies. The programme engages students in an in-depth exploration of the clinical usage of approximately 200 of the most useful Chinese herbal formulas.This diploma is for students who wish to become Chinese herbal medicine practitioners.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our CHM diploma combine it with their BHS Acupuncture and or Tuina qualifications and trend toward establishing private practices of their own, join or establish multidisciplinary traditional Chinese medicine private practices.

Entry Requirements

  • Enrolments are only open to Year 2 NZSATCM BHSc students

Course Programme

Year one
Semester oneSemester two
H-HBSP-101: Materia medicaH-HBSP-102: Materia medica
H-PROF-101: Professional studies                       H-CLN-102: Observation
H-TCMT-101: TCM theoryH-TCMT-102: TCM theory
H-WMS-101: Anatomy, physiologyH-WMS-102: Anatomy, physiology
H-WMS-111: MicrobiologyH-WMS-112: Human development
Year two
Semester oneSemester two
H-CLN-201: Clinical assistantH-CLN-202: Clinical assistant
H-DDX-201: DiagnosisH-DDX-202: Diagnosis
H-HBSP-201: Classical formulae                          H-HBSP-202: Classical formulae
H-TCMT-201: TCM theoryH-TCMT-202: TCM theory
H-WMS-201: PathologyH-WMS-202: Pathology
Year three
Semester oneSemester two
H-CLN-301: Clinical trainingH-CLN-302: Clinical training
H-DDX-301: DiagnosisH-DDX-302: Diagnosis
H-HBSP-301: Modern formulatingH-HBSP-302: Modern formulating
H-TCMT-301: Clinical patternsH-SBM-302: Clinical management
H-TCMT-311: Chinese medical classics                H-TCMT-302: Clinical patterns
H-WMS-301: When to refer 
H-WMS-302: Pharmacology