2018 Student Enrolment now open

Enrol now for bachelors and masters programme stating July 2018”


Upgrade to NZSATCM’s Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

Final enrolment for all eligible graduates

Further to our announcement in April 2017 that NZSATCM will be withdrawing its current policy for the following graduates regarding the upgrade of their qualifications to our school’s Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture):

  • 2018 will be the last year for NZSATCM Diploma graduates to be enrolled for the upgrade with other conditions to be applied.
  • 2018 will be the last year for eligible graduates of other colleges to be enrolled for the upgrade after satisfaction of 2 years good standing as a member of Acupuncture NZ.

The school wished to inform that we will be opening the final classes for these graduates as per below:

RES401 – Research Methods -- 23 July 2018

RES402 – Research in practice -- Mid-Feb 2019

Interested parties to contact Eileen Peng @ [email protected]

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